iball3 - The light strategy game - FAQ's

What is the iball3

The iball3 is a light strategy game. It has 6 buttons that have 3 of 4 colour light sequences. There are two levels, to move to level 2 the iball3 must be solved in 20 seconds or less

What do I have to do?

The Serial Number can often be missed when you first pull the tab from the battery compartment. You will need the serial number to register on the Iball3.com website. In order to retrieve the serial number again, look in the instruction book under the "button Features" for buttons 1 & 3 and press both buttons holding them down for about 10 seconds or until you see a small "c" on the LED display, followed by the serial number.

B(b) or 6 which is it on the serial number? There is some confusion between a b and a 6. The Six has a horizontal line at the top of the number and the b letter does not.

The objective is to get all 6 buttons to light up in one colour in the fastest time.

Does it come with instructions?

Each iball3 comes with instructions and hints.

Once Ive solved the iball what happens then?

Once the iball3 has been solved on level 2 within 60 seconds, you will get an i-code that can be entered onto the iball3.com website providing you with the time it took you to solve the iball3


  1. Every iball has a unique serial number, when entering and an i-code please ensure the i-code is only for your unique iball.
  2. Each i-code is validated against the iball3 system, if entered incorrectly the i-code will be deemed invalid and you will be locked out for a period of time.
  3. Only one i-code per unique iball can be entered within a specific time period stated on the decode page.
  4. Lockout of the decoder for i-code entries will occur even if an incorrect i-code is entered, so check your i-code entry carefully before pressing the decode button.
  5. Lockout will occur every 6 hours for every i-code entered.

The Iball - 7 hints and tips to solving the iball by the Inventor.

  1. Having removed the battery tab and kick starting your iball into life, make a note of the unique serial number and register on theiball3.com website
  2. Check out your email and follow the instructions to activate your account and check out the free clue on your email
  3. Before you start pressing buttons and getting dizzy and confused, watch the inventor demo video on the iball3.com website
  4. Having watched and hopefully understood the inventor video on how to solve a 3 lights solution, begin your game
  5. It may take you a few hours before you become fast enough to complete level 1 in 20 seconds that is normal.
  6. Having completed level 1, begin level 2 (a 4 light sequence) and solve in 60 seconds or less to get your i-code.
  7. Enter your i-code on the iball3.com leader board and post your i-code on your wall and see if you are faster than your friends.

What happens next?

If you obtain a very fast time for solving the iball3 then you will be entered onto the all time leader board for all to see.

Elite Leader Board.

For those that can achieve a sub 9 second speed on the iball3 World Record Leader Board, you will be sent (during 2011 only) a free Elite iball. The Elite Iball has 3 levels, achieve a time of 20 seconds on level 1 to advance to level 2, then 30 second time on level 2 to advance to level 3(5 lights).

$100.00 cash prize. First person to post sub 12.0 seconds on Elite iball scoreboard during month of February 2012 will win $100.00 (Only ONE cash award available in February 2012).

Find me - iball3 youtube game $200.00 prize - started 10th July 2011

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